Hot and humid conditions make wearing makeup unbearable sometimes. We sweat so much that our makeup seem to slip off the skin. From moisturizer and foundation to mascara and lipstick, everything can feel heavy and greasy during this time. Melting foundation, patchy concealer, runny mascara, and smudged lipstick are battles hard to beat in such harsh weather conditions. But you can beat it with the products below and by following some simple makeup tips.

Keep Your Face Clean

Makeup is easier to apply and stay longer on a cleansed face. Begin by washing your face with some cold water to get rid of extra oil on your skin. Cold water also tightens and closes pores, which allows smoother makeup application. When drying your face, just pat gently, never rub! Then apply a thin layer of a light moisturizing gel or lotion. Read our post on face care.

Face Care Products for Hot and Humid Weather

Use a Quality Primer

To prep skin for makeup, you need to apply a primer as your base. Everything else should go on top of it. Using a face and eye primer will smoothen your skin texture and create an even surface for your foundation to sit on.

Keep the Foundation Light

A heavy foundation application will make your makeup appear pasty in a humid climate. You can use a light layer of foundation after applying moisturizer and primer. Dab a thin amount on your skin instead of rubbing it in. You can also opt for BB or CC cream for a light coverage.

Use Translucent Fixing Powder

Switch from compact powder to translucent powder. Compact is tinted and can run down your cheeks when you sweat, making your face streaked. The silky texture of the translucent powder glides on the skin, absorbing all oil and mattifying it instantly.

Use Setting Spray

After you have finished your makeup, use a setting spray from arm’s length in small squirts, spreading it evenly all over the face. Then let it dry for a few seconds. Setting sprays help the makeup to set in while giving your skin an instant boost of hydration.

Use Waterproof

Waterproof Mascara, eyeliners and kohl are your best for humid weather. Sure they are harder to remove at the end of the day but they can stay on longer than the ordinary non-waterproof products.

Waterproof Products

Always Carry Blotting Papers

You should always carry blotting paper or oil-absorbing strips in your bag. Whenever you feel sweat building, pat your face with a blotting paper to keep looking fresh and shine-free.