There are many factors that contribute to the acne development, including sebum and keratin production, bacteria, hormones, blocked pores and inflammation. However, studies have shown that diet can play a significant role in acne breakouts.

Below are foods that you should avoid: 

1) Refined Grains and Sugars

  • Bread, crackers, cereal or desserts made with white flour
  • Noodles made with white flour
  • White rice :o(
  • Sodas and other sugar-sweetened beverages
  • Sweeteners like cane sugar, maple syrup, honey or agave

Refined carbohydrates are absorbed quickly into the bloodstream, which rapidly increases blood sugar levels, causing insulin levels to rise to move sugar from bloodstream to cells. High levels of insulin contributes to acne development by making skin cells grow more quickly and by boosting sebum production.

2) Dairy Products

Milk products are known to cause acne development because it can increase insulin levels, which we know is bad for us, and contains amino acids that stimulate the liver to produce more IGF-1 that has been linked to acne breakouts.

3) Fast Food

Burgers, french fries, sodas and milkshakes or any type of fried food may increase acne risk.

4) Foods Rich in Omega-6 Fats

Omega-6 fats have been linked to inflammation and acne. You should avoid cooking with corn and soy oils, as they are rich in Omega-6 fat.

5) Foods You're Sensitive To

If you think about it, acne is just an inflammatory disease. When your immune system mistakenly identifies certain food you eat as a threat, it launches an immune attack (allergic reaction), leading to high levels of inflammatory molecules circulating throughout the body. If your acne case is severe, ask your doctor for a Mediator Release Testing (MRT) to find out the foods that could be causing your acne breakouts.


In addition, don't forget to follow a daily cleansing routine.