Scars are painful to accept. People in society shame us for having scars that was not our fault. How we are treated because of our scars can have a lasting psychological effect that people without scars will never understand. But we at RumJum do understand your frustration. This is why we talk about such issues, as they are common and perfectly normal for you to want gone. You do not have to be embarrassed to want to better yourself.

Now let’s talk about acne scars. Scars of any kind are not easy to remove completely. There are expensive laser treatments that can provide the best results, but we know that is not the solution for everyone. Not everyone can afford or have access to such medical treatment. 

You may also consider chemical peel, which is painful and messy as the top layer of your skin slowly peels off over a week. This process can be risky and not feasible unless you can afford to stay home and in privacy for weeks while your skin heals from the peel. 

Microneedling is painful as well, which literally pokes tiny holes into your skin to encourage more collagen production that can potentially even out the surface. 

None of these options above are easy in Bangladesh, especially since we lack privacy. So, what can we do then? Below are some affordable acne scar solutions you can try right now without risk and inexpensively. They will produce realistic results. We say realistic because results will vary based on scar and skin type. 

Before continuing, we remind you that scars never fully go away, even if you did laser surgery. Our goal is to find ways to reduce the appearance of scars. There are two parts to that process.

  1. Reduce the scaring discoloration: The purple, red, or brown marks will fade over a few months and years on their own, but there are right ingredients can help expedite this recovery or even reduce them. 

  2. Reduce depth of scars: When you exfoliate, nourish and protect the skin, the difference can be seen over time. For some this can be months and for others years. Imagine a rock in ocean slowly reshaped over years of rubbing with other rocks and sand. It will take time but, again, with the right ingredients, the results will come to fruition sooner.

Introducing: Some By Mi Snail Truecica Miracle Repair Starter Kit

The Superpower Ingredient: Snail Mucin

It is collected from the trail that snails leave behind as they travel, which is later collected and made usable through various methods. 890,000ppm of combined Black snail mucin that is then combined with other ingredients, transforming it into superpower ingredient.

When snails get hurt, their mucin helps to heal the skin faster because of all the super ingredients it carries. It contains glycolic acid, glycoprotein enzymes and copper peptides, which helps to regenerate the skin cells and repair the damage. Its anti-bacterial properties make helps fight acne. The Hyaluronic acid in snail mucin provides supple moisture to the skin which gives a plump and fresh overall look. 

What about collagen? Yes, it boosts collagen production, which in turn provides elasticity to the skin and may help reduce bumps and pits. Furthermore, it allows your skin to be renewed working as an anti-aging agent. While it is said to also helps to fight the sun damage, we encourage you to use a sunscreen in addition to protect the skin from new sun damage. 

As we have said before, for some just one kit may be enough. If you have lots of scars, you may continue with additional kit until reaching desired results. Then get the individual items from the kit as needed.

Did you know that Korean people get snail mucin facial done with real snails crawling all over their skin? You could do that… or buy the starter kit :D